Five Reasons To Read Every Day – No Matter Your Age

Image of ReadingIn today’s increasingly technological world, it can seem as though most our days are spent staring at backlit screens and reading lines upon lines of text. However, step back and truly consider that experience. Internet experiences are specifically curated to deliver as much information, entertainment, or coverage in as direct and easily consumed a manner as possible. In contrast, reading for the express purpose of savoring a literary experience opens up an entire new world of benefits and joyful experiences. These are varied – some might initially strike you as abstract while others yield decidedly tangible positive impacts. Regardless, it is important to recognize that reading is such an integral part of the human experience for many excellent reasons. Below are just five of most prominent.

Stimulate Your Mind

A large body of research exists which indicates that mental stimulation slows the progress, and even has the potential to fully prevent, cognitive deterioration. This has been linked to offsetting the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Simply put, much like any other muscle, keeping your brain active is necessary to maintain its strength. Put simply – use it or lose it. Games and puzzles, like chess, are also helpful when it comes to creating good habits that are both fun and stimulate your cognitive functions.

Reduce Stress

There are certain to be a number constant stressors in your life that are just unavoidable. Whether it be due to challenges you face in your personal or professional spheres, stress is simply a part of life for basically everyone. Fortunately, losing yourself in a great story is an excellent way to find some respite from the demands of your day-to-day life. Great books totally transport you to entirely new worlds, far removed from your own. The best books are even able to color your perspective and perhaps inspire a new frame of mind in you, the reader, to better interpret and shoulder the burdens from which you were originally running. Regardless, a short mental vacation in the pages of a good book are often exactly what you need to let the stress that once weighed you down to just melt away.

Never Stop Learning

One of the most incredible things about humans is our natural proclivity towards learning. Our minds are truly capable of fantastic feats and the nonstop accumulation, organization, and processing data which happens both consciously and unconsciously within our brain is too often taken for granted. Reading packs your mind with new info, most of which may just come in handy one day. The old adage, “knowledge is power,” exists for a reason. Most everything in this world is impermanent. The one exception is your knowledge. Leverage the great power that is your mental capacity and flex that brain! To learn is to live and reading is a great way to learn something new regularly.

Expand Your Vocabulary

Speaking of learning, one of the things reading most directly teaches you about is words. The more of them to which you are exposed, the faster and greater volume of them are certain to find their way into your regular usage. The ability to gracefully and effectively articulate your thoughts is universally beneficial. Being well-spoken comes in handy all the time. Being well-read, well-spoken, and knowledgeable is a wonderful combination of characteristics to fuel everything from your rise up the corporate ladder to a charming and engaging dinner date conversation.

Improve Your Recall

Following a narrative or theme demands a certain degree of cognitive gymnastics. Remembering the rotating cast of characters and their personal histories, ambitions, and nuances takes effort. It also involves keeping tabs on everyone as the plot and subplots twist and weave. Studies show that every new memory you create builds new synapses in your mind, as well as fortifies the pre-existing ones. This not only boosts your short-term memory, but can even stabilize your moods.